THE BOLOS — — is DON BURNHAM’s swing band, formed in 2005.

DON BURNHAM & THE BOLOS perform DON’s original compositions, and the group also features a plethora of songs and tunes DON has carried in his music satchel for decades. Classic and contemporary Western Swing, country music, blues, and jazz favorites, as well as rare “gems,” are knitted together by the all star BOLOS ensemble, typically fielding two to six musicians, accompanying DON.

db & THE BOLOS: in the dugout
Bobby Black – steel guitar
Charlie Wallace – steel and standard guitars
Mayne Smith – steel guitar
Mark Holzinger – lead guitar
Richard Saslow –lead guitar
Karen Horner – bass & vocals
Scotty Lawrence – piano
Bill Belasco – drums
Paul Shelasky – fiddle
Blaine Sprouse – fiddle
Will Scarlet – harmonica
Sarah Duckworth – vocals